Growing up as a Pastor’s kid attending church a minimum of four times a week, I was well-versed in the doctrine of dating preached by all good-hearted youth pastors and leaders, so eager to teach me in the ways of romance:
“Don’t have sex.”
And when I finally did find myself in a relationship, the first and only question was:
“Is he Christian?”
I would answer affirmatively and receive the approving nod, and that would end the conversation about my dating life.
Honestly, as a punk kid eager for independence, I thought that limited conversation was enough. I thought I could maneuver the pitfalls and glorious pinnacles of dating. With my trusty Bible in my right hand and my copy of I Kissed Dating Goodbye in my left, I was sure nothing could go wrong.
Oh sweet, naive Vanessa.

At 19 years old, I entered into an abusive relationship and only realized it was abusive four years after it had ended. This blindness was entirely due to a lack of education about abuse and what healthy relationships should look like.

Whoever you are wherever you’re from, please join me on this journey to educate and inform, to heal and to protect, and to bring freedom and joy to the next generation and to those who have endured abuse.

My platform is to open teens and young adults eyes to the signs and symptoms of abuse so that together we can walk with eyes wide open, creating healthy, fruitful relationships.

Abuse is everywhere and touches each and every one of us. Help me bring education and awareness to the next generation so that together, we can say no to abuse.


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