Vanessa Pottiger

Alt-pop artist

Hello! My name's Vanessa Pottiger and I am currently raising funds for my first full-length studio album. The style of music I write is alternative-pop music - but it's really just music that makes you feel. 

If you've never met me before, let me tell you a little bit about myself! I'm extremely passionate about helping others live a free and  spirited existence, and I try to express that in everything I do. My first love is singing, but I also love playing and writing on the piano. I'm influenced by so many different genres - jazz, broadway, rap, soul, and rock, to name a few.

My songs are all about self-discovery, the meaning of deeply authentic love, and how self-expression leads to meaning. I've woven so much of my life experiences into this music - I know that my songs will help so many through their own experiences of pain, love and self-discovery. 

My vision for my career is all about creating safe conversations for people to explore difficult topics, like abuse, addiction, depression, loneliness, grief and finding help in the midst of that. My hope is that my music will bring people into those conversations and into a community that loves and cares for them. 

One of the ways I want to start those conversations, beyond writing and singing about them, is to have designated personnel at all of my live events who are trained to start these conversations, listen and help people get the resources and support they need. 

I'm so excited to begin this journey, but the only way I can get my music and story out to people is with YOUR help!

I'm currently raising money for my debut studio album at The money raised from this campaign will go towards the production, design, and printing of this album, as well as a music video and video equipment. 

Your support means so much! Thank you!

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