The Expectation of Sex: Power Plays

Last week I wrote the first installment in the Expectation of Sex series in which I discussed the issue of expectation in the context of sexual misconduct and shared my own personal experience. Since that post, even more accusations of…

The Expectation of Sex

In the wake of the Weinstein scandal and the NY Times article revealing the misconduct of Louis CK, I’ve realized there’s a real conversation that needs to be had that we’ve somehow ignored. In combing through these articles, in the…


Clara: A Poem

Have you ever danced with the willow? 

Or sang in the bright frigid morn 

With the nightingale fresh from her pillow 

Of tragedies, deep and forlorn? 


Well I have, you see, I’ve sung every tune 

And they’re all stuck up…

On Dreams

In discussing my dreams so openly and plainly with so many individuals over the past few months, it’s been an emotional journey. Opening my shaking hands to release my dreams out from the closets of my mind and into the…

Suffering is not a badge of honor.

How many pages have been written on the concept of suffering? How many broken hearts have poured out their languish onto the pages of the communal ‘know’? 

Maybe too many. 

Because we all hurt. We all have been hurt. We…

The Pursuit of Joy

I am ordinary. 

See? I’m talking about myself already – so typically human. 

But I’m vain and bored, therefore I will indulge. 

I’m sitting at my desk at work feeling so incredibly ordinary. So lovely and ordinary. 

I told you…