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Colors of Abuse: Physical and Verbal

As I sit, trying to somber myself to write this last chapter of my Colors of Abuse series, I am unable to stay serious. Instead I am overflowing with joy and gladness of spirit, knowing that God is working out all of this pain to glorify His name and bring

Colors of Abuse: Sexual

I’ve talked a lot about sex on this blog, and it’s been heavy. But these conversations are only the beginning of genuine social reformation, and it’s exciting to see change taking place at such a rapid pace. (If you missed out on my Expectation of Sex series, check it out

Colors of Abuse: Psychological

Our memories at times can be fluid and fickle. We remember some memories from our childhoods like vivid dreams, but often times we can’t remember what movie we watched last Friday night. This potentially flighty nature makes our memories easy prey for the controlling and manipulative.  Psychological abuse can sometimes

Colors of Abuse: Emotional

Our emotions are precious and sacred things. They are holy landmarks, revealing to us the inner workings of our souls. Joy reveals congruity with the Holy Spirit. Anger reveals injustice. Sadness reveals loss. Peace reveals trust. Emotions are fluid, moving from one emotion to the next as they respond to

Colors of Abuse: The Pillars of Personhood

We see it everywhere we go. Men and women have these subconscious tactics of control, ways to get exactly what they want from the people they want it from. Of course, not all are harmful – a warm smile for example goes a long way in getting extra avocado on

The Sea of Stars

It is an unfathomable task to recognize the full incongruities and complexities of the human being. We are born of atoms and molecules, of DNA passed down from our ancestors, of organs and water and bacteria. We function in a physical plane determined by the synapses and chemicals of the

The Expectation of Sex – Part III

If you’ve been following my journey through my last two blog posts, you’ll see that I’ve identified two issues that create conflict in romantic relationships: the expectation of sex and the influence of power. My plea at the end of each blog post is that we continue the conversation and

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