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Colors of Abuse: The Pillars of Personhood

We see it everywhere we go. Men and women have these subconscious tactics of control, ways to get exactly what they want from the people they want it from. Of course, not all are harmful – a warm smile for example goes a long way in getting extra avocado on

The Sea of Stars

It is an unfathomable task to recognize the full incongruities and complexities of the human being. We are born of atoms and molecules, of DNA passed down from our ancestors, of organs and water and bacteria. We function in a physical plane determined by the synapses and chemicals of the

The Expectation of Sex – Part III

If you’ve been following my journey through my last two blog posts, you’ll see that I’ve identified two issues that create conflict in romantic relationships: the expectation of sex and the influence of power. My plea at the end of each blog post is that we continue the conversation and

The Expectation of Sex – Part II

Last week I wrote the first installment in the Expectation of Sex series in which I discussed the issue of expectation in the context of sexual misconduct and shared my own personal experience. Since that post, even more accusations of sexual misconduct have surfaced – it’s almost overwhelming to even

The Expectation of Sex

In the wake of the Weinstein scandal and the NY Times article revealing the misconduct of Louis CK, I’ve realized there’s a real conversation that needs to be had that we’ve somehow ignored. In combing through these articles, in the hours I’ve spent interviewing those who have gone through abuse, and

On Dreams

In discussing my dreams so openly and plainly with so many individuals over the past few months, it’s been an emotional journey. Opening my shaking hands to release my dreams out from the closets of my mind and into the bright open, naked atmosphere was not easy. Dreams are born

Suffering is not a badge of honor.

How many pages have been written on the concept of suffering? How many broken hearts have poured out their languish onto the pages of the communal ‘know’? Maybe too many. Because we all hurt. We all have been hurt. We all have seen relationships devoid of love, have mourned the

The pursuit of joy

But it’s true – I feel lovely in my ordinariness. And in this I feel old – I remember days when I had cursed the mundane and denounced routine. We must strive to break free from these chains of culture and rise above to become more than ourselves!

I was so sweet and naïve.

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