On Dreams

In discussing my dreams so openly and plainly with so many individuals over the past few months, it’s been an emotional journey. Opening my shaking hands to release my dreams out from the closets of my mind and into the bright open, naked atmosphere was not easy. 

Dreams are born in intimacy. They’re forged in the deepest trenches of our spirits, results of our passions, desires and experiences. They are the whispers of our futures, pulling us forward into the misty void, giving us hope of what may be and reminding us of where we’ve been. 

Dreams reflect our secret selves. Our truest selves. Our most vulnerable selves. And you can play them off as coolly as you’d like, brush your shoulders and smirk, but we’re all the tiniest bit frightened inside that maybe, despite our best intentions and hardest efforts, our dreams will remain as they are. Just dreams. 

And so we hide them, we keep them close, so that no matter what happens, at least no one saw us fail. 

In this age of media as king, we’ve become masters at displaying our successes. We’re skilled at revealing our own skills and talented at unveiling our own talents. And with filters like blankets, we hide our failures and keep them tucked away. 

In hesitatingly unhinging the contents of my heart, I had braced myself, waiting for the doubts and opinions of others to pierce it. I kept it open and waited, fearful of others discrediting my voice, of leaders telling me it wasn’t my place, of friends telling me I didn’t have the skillset. I waited - but instead of a barrage of doubts, I was overwhelmed by support and honest confidence in my vision. 

I wish this weren’t true, but I was shocked. Are we stepping into a new age of kindness? I pray to God we are. 

As we surround each other with voices of love, compassion and acceptance, I hope that our dreams will come out of hiding. That with the hands of our communities to lift us up, we’ll begin to climb to higher vision. We’ll confidently display our fears and weaknesses, knowing that we are not alone in any endeavor. 

Let us be united by our humanity, our failures, and above all, our dreams.

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