The Pursuit of Joy

I am ordinary. 

See? I’m talking about myself already – so typically human. 

But I’m vain and bored, therefore I will indulge. 

I’m sitting at my desk at work feeling so incredibly ordinary. So lovely and ordinary. 

I told you I’m vain. 

But it’s true – I feel lovely in my ordinariness. And in this I feel old – I remember days when I had cursed the mundane and denounced routine. We must strive to break free from these chains of culture and rise above to become more than ourselves! 

I was so sweet and naïve. 

I had been in the pursuit of purpose. But I tell you this – such a pursuit is in vain. It is an idle search, for it is when we relinquish authority of our lives and rest that we discover more than purpose. We discover ourselves. 

We discover that in the harshest of journeys and in the pursuit of grandeur, we’d forgotten to be kind to our own spirits. We’ve rejected ourselves, been our own cruelest critics, and chosen to allow others to trample on the parts of us that laugh without fear. 

Who are you? 

Better question - what makes the deepest parts of your soul light up with joy? 

Best question – have you indulged in joy? 

Because you should. This joy – this unadulterated joy leads us to a better definition of ourselves. This journey of joy leads us to the truest purpose we could ever discover. 

We’ve been taught either one of two things: 

Purpose is found in taking as much as you can get because this world is cruel. 
Purpose is found in sacrificing everything because selfishness is cruel. 

You and I both see merit and value in each statement, I’m sure. 

But let’s rework the framework and forget the pursuit of purpose. Forget the pursuit of glory. Forget the pursuit of perfection. Forget it all, no matter how many times you hear the shouts of ghosts in your head telling you otherwise. 

Pursue joy. 

Joy deserves much more than it is merited. 

Joy is a holy landmark leading us towards the selves we were designed to be. 

And this is where it gets spiritual. God, the great lifesource of the Universe, the energy connecting all things, the dearest Father of mankind, created your soul from Himself. It is the same material that God is made of and is the reason we can connect with Him and connect with each other – we all are spiritual beings. 

But because God is infinite and vast and creative, we all are different, with heavenly designed joys and miseries. 

Beyond this, God has given us the gift of his own Spirit to cradle and collaborate with this deepest part of ourselves – our own human spirit. 

And here’s the best part – if we remain intentional in collaborating with God’s own spirit, when we pursue what brings our human spirit joy, we are experiencing our divine purpose. 

And that’s it. That’s all folks. 

If you remain intentional in collaborating with God’s own spirit, the pursuit of joy is the pursuit of God’s divine purpose for your singular, individual soul. 

Who are you? 

Better question - what makes the deepest parts of your soul light up with joy? 

Best question – have you indulged in joy? 

In the pursuit of joy I have let go of all other standards of adequacy. I have silenced the ghosts in my head telling me I am not enough. Their standards know nothing of my spirit and my delights. 

But God does. 

This blog is sloppy and messy and ordinary, but an expression of my own joy. How lovely it is to be ordinary! 

How lovely it is to be human!

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