Studio 724

Have you been searching for a voice teacher to help you belt out those high notes? Are you interested in improving your tone and expanding your range? Or are you looking for a piano teacher to teach you in a fun and relatable way? Do you want to experiment with other genres? Or are you a dreaming artist with no way to get started?

Believe me, we’ve been there! At Studio 724, we offer voice and piano lessons out of our studio in Phoenixville, Skype lessons, and in-home lessons (may include surcharge depending on distance).


30 minutes – $40 per lesson

45 minutes – $50 per lesson

60 minutes – $60 per lesson

Family discount – take $10 off


Buy 12 lessons in bulk, get one free:

30 minutes – $440

45 minutes – $550

60 minutes – $660



–       Lessons must be paid for by check, cash, PayPal or Google Pay at the beginning of each month

–       Any missed lessons must be made up by the end of the month.

–       Lessons bought in 12 lesson package can be scheduled at any time over any period of time.


For more information, email Vanessa at or click here.

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